We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service. Here are the people working for you every day to repair your vehicle.

Scott Vanderlely, Owner, Mechanic and Car Salesman

  • Scott has been working on vehicles for as long as he can remember. He spent his childhood days in the bays of his father's truck shop learning the inner workings of engines and differentials. Scott always dreamed of one day owning his own shop. Finally, at the age of 25 he took a leap of faith and began the journey to opening his own business. The journey has often been challenging, but 27 years later he says that opening this business has been one of the most rewarding parts of his life. In more recent years, Scott developed a love for car sales and spends many days helping customers and community members find pre-owned vehicles. In Scotts free time he enjoys bike riding, running, spending time with his family and racing his 1966 Chevelle SuperSport.

Maria, General Manager

  • If you've ever been to the shop, you've likely met Maria, she's been here from the start. Maria does it all from the payroll to hiring and training new employees. She's devoted over 25 years to our business and has made it what it is today. She's best known around the shop for her ability to fix any problem that arises. When Maria leaves the shop her family and church, Sheppard of the Valley are what she values most. She loves going to coffee shops and traveling when she can. Maria also enjoys music, camping and trying out new cooking recipes.

Tony, Service Advisor

  • Meet Tony, the new face at Vanderlely's. Tony is our amazing shop service advisor. Tony wears many hats at the shop, but his main goal is to serve as the liaison between the mechanics and the customers. Tony is best known around the shop for his love for pizza and food. When he isn't serving the customers of Vanderlely's he can be found hanging out with friends, family or his 27-year-old pet snake, Jimbo. Tony also loves sports, a wide variety of music and horrible movies.

Kevin, Mechanic

  • Kevin is our shops longest working mechanic; he's been here from basically the beginning. There is no job that he can't fix, he is truly an innovative and knowledgeable technician. He's best known by his team members for his sense of humor and ability to change lyrics to any song that plays on the radio. Kevin has a wife and two daughters, who he spends most of his time with. Kevin and his family enjoy getting away on camping trips in their motorhome. Like Scott, Kevin also has a passion for racing his 1967 Chevelle. He is a huge football fan and will tell anyone who is willing to listen about his love for his team, the Forty Niners.

Brian, Mechanic

  • Brian is another long-term employee of Vanderlely's Auto having worked here since 1999. Brian is best known around the shop for his attention to detail. Brian is a highly skilled mechanic whose expertise is in rebuilding differentials. Brian once pulled every single wire out of an old ford truck and rewired it perfectly, that's the kind of work we're proud of! When he's not in the shop Brian spends his free time with his wife Bonnie. They enjoy camping together, spending time with friends and when they have time, fishing. They have a beautiful 1970 Chevelle that they occasionally take to car shows.

Tom, Mechanic

  • Tom is our newest mechanic, though he's already worked here for nine years. We were glad to have convinced Tom to leave his job at a dealership and come work for our team instead. Tom is a skillful and unique mechanic who specializes in diesel repair work and he loves what he does! Tom is excelling at work, but he is also achieving new accomplishments in his free time. Tom and his wife Brenda just welcomed their second child, a beautiful baby girl. The family of four lives on a local farm where they raise pigs and cows and have a pet cat.

Cheryl, Office Assistant

  • Cheryl is our office assistant who comes in to help with paperwork when things get busy. Cheryl is best known around the shop for her unmatched skill of organizing and finding files quickly. In her free time Cheryl enjoys cooking and hanging out with her family, especially all grandbabies.

Charlotte, Marketing Manager/Service Advisor

  • Charlotte is quite busy at the shop. She's in charge of all marketing, social media, and improvement projects. When she's not busy marketing, she can be found at the front counter greeting customers with a warm smile. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano, fishing, and hanging out with family and friends.

Paige, Maintenance Manager

  • Paige gets down and dirty - literally! She can be found keeping our shop spotless. Paige is best known around the shop for having everyone's coffee orders memorized perfectly, and always having a great story to tell. When she's not at the shop, she can be found hitting the slopes on her snow board, walking her dog Casey, or just hanging out with her friends.

Fuji, Mascot

  • Hey guys, this is Fuji the 8-year-old Pekingese. Fuji came to us after his owner and our dear friend Gary, passed away in 2016. When Fuji became homeless, we knew we had to help! Fuji now lives with owners Scott and Maria and spends his days at Vanderlely's Automotive napping and greeting customers. It has been rumored Fuji is the descendant of an ancient Egyptian emperors' dog, though we don't have any evidence to back up these claims. On his days off, he most enjoys belly scratches and watching TV.

Clark, Mascot

  • This here beaut is Clark. He started at Vanderlely's Automotive in 2019. We're not sure where Clark came from, but he ended up at a pound in North Carolina, where Rachel adopted him. He is best known around the shop for his yappy attitude and high jumping abilities. When he isn't at work at Vanderlely's he spends his time running around the back yard of his home and eating the cat food when no one is looking.

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