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Brake Maintenance & Repair
Truck brakes are much more powerful than car brakes. Faulty truck brakes put the truck driver, the load, and other road users at risk. If you are not confident in your truck's ability to stop firm and straight when you hit the brakes, then it is time to have them checked and replaced if necessary. At Vanderlely's Auto Powertrain & Speed Parts LLC, we will diagnose your truck and fleet's brake problems and offer high quality brake work. Visit our auto shop or call us today 610-847-1090.

Hydraulic Brakes
A hydraulic brake is a type of braking system that uses brake fluid to transfer pressure to the brake pads. Although most heavy trucks use air brakes, some trucks have hydraulic brakes. A hydraulic brake consists of the following: a brake pedal, a push rod, a cylinder chamber, and brake pads. With time, the hydraulic brakes components wear out and thus need replacement. For all your hydraulic brake system needs, visit Vanderlely's Auto Powertrain & Speed Parts LLC or call us at 610-847-1090. We boast the most experienced hydraulic brake experts in the region.

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